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Additional is one of the types of missions available in the game. These are optional missions/quests that are not necessary to complete.

List of Additional missions[edit | edit source]

Name Description Type
Abbot Stephan's beloved girl Celine said that the ghost of the girl tempted by Stephan is still seen by some travelers who pass by the Lucius monastery. She wants to meet Stephan and when she meets the abbot she will find peace and the black necklace will fall from her neck. The girl was buried under the roots of the withered tree .. "Then she went to the tower in the forest behind the top of the hill. She felt so bitter that she followed the sun." The tree was tall and branchy and stood on the hill. It happened a century ago, so even though the tree is still there it has withered. Additional
Black necklace Additional
Erzglanz special wine You have heard the innkeeper say that the best wine is sold by Hans from Erzglanz. Actually this wine possesses a peculiarity that the innkeeper preferred to keep his mouth shut about. Additional
Ewalt the Wise From a peasant you learned that Ewalt the Wise will tell the future to whoever dares enter his crypt. Ewalt's crypt is in the local cemetery. Additional
Feline mirror You have heard the legend of the Feline mirror, according to the legend, the past, present, and future can be seen through it. Alchemist Faust of Knitlingen made it with silver and some cats milk, stone juice, and tears of joy and sorrow. He prohibited looking in it from the reverse side. The robber who tried to steal it didn't know about Faust's warning so he lost his mind. And the mirror's location is unknown now. Additional
Here is your coin (Goat and Cat) Innkeeper from Goat and Cat promised to let you know if he will see again the landgrave's messenger. It makes sense to visit this tavern from time to time. Additional
Here is your coin (Honey Barrel) Innkeeper from Honey Barrel promised to let you know if he will see again the landgrave's messenger. It makes sense to visit this tavern from time to time. Additional
Langrave Enderlin You have heard from a traveller that a powerful Landgrave Enderlin of West Rothwald is going to make war and attack the duchy to claim the throne. Additional
Pressburg bell Additional
Talking to guard-deserter A fugitive guard from Senkzung was drunk and told you that Baron Matthias von Doppelzung never left his castle. But it's doubtful that this story is true. Additional
The landgrave's messenger Additional
Treasures in basement Quarter century ago during the war with heretics Oviites from Rauenfluss many churches and rich people hid their possessions in the castles of local feudals. At the end of the war not all things returned to their owners. Many were "forgotten." Additional
Usefulness of rumors People often say too much in taverns. Sitting quietly, with a mug of beer, you can sometimes get a lot of useful information. Additional

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