Armor and Shields

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The following is a collection of Armor available in the game Legends of Eisenwald.

List of Armor and Shields[edit | edit source]

Name Icon
Armet Armet Icon.jpg
Barbute Barbute Icon.jpg
Biretta Biretta Icon.jpg
Breastplate Breastplate Icon.jpg
Brigandine Brigandine Icon.jpg
Cabasset Cabasset Icon.jpg
Chainmail Chainmail Icon.jpg
Chainmail Coif Chainmail Coif.jpg
Cloak Cloak Icon.jpg
Cuirass with Gorget Cuirass with Gorget Icon.jpg
Dual Jerkin Dual Jerkin Icon.jpg
Fancy Hat Fancy Hat Icon.jpg
Fashionable Hat Fashionable Hat Icon.jpg
Full Armor Full Armor Icon.jpg
Hat Hat Icon.jpg
Infantry Shield Infanty Shield Icon.jpg
Kettle Helm Kettle Helm Icon.jpg
Leather Armor Leather Armor Icon.jpg
Leather Gambeson Leather Gambeson Icon.jpg
Leather Helm Leather Helm Icon.jpg
Leather Jacket with Plates Leather Jacket with Plates Icon.jpg
Light Pavise Light Pavise Icon.jpg
Lightweight Infantry Shield Lightweight Infantry Shield Icon.jpg
Noble Hat Noble Hat Icon.jpg
Old Leather Jacket Old Leather Jacket Icon.jpg
Padded Jacket Padded Jacket Icon.jpg
Pavise Pavise Icon.jpg
Riveted Coif Riveted Coif Icon.jpg
Riveted Mail Riveted Mail Icon.jpg
Rusty Armor Rusty Armor Icon.jpg
Rusty Chainmail Rusty Chainmail Icon.jpg
Salad Salad Icon.jpg
Simple Armet Simple Armet Icon.jpg
Solid Pavise Solid Pavise Icon.jpg
Splendid Brigandine Splendid Brigandine Icon.jpg
Splendid Clothes Splendid Clothes Icon.jpg
Steel Cuirass Steel Cuirass Icon.jpg
Wiseman's Clothes Wiseman's Clothes Icon.jpg
Wiseman's Hat Wiseman's Hat Icon.jpg

Shields[edit | edit source]

Shields are an Armor available to all units which have the Shield skill:

Shield Skill.png Shield: A shield allows a unit to stay in a defensive position while skipping a turn.

The unit can equip Shields.

An unit armed with shield can also block enemy arrows.