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The Bandit is a Tier 1 Melee unit usually available as mercenary.

Require 100 Exp to level up.

Bandit Portrait.png
Health caption 60
Attack/Spirit caption 25
Initiative caption 13
Melee Defense caption 4
Ranged Defense caption 4
Willpower caption 0

Personal Equipment[edit | edit source]

Peasant Hat Light armor
Thick Jacket Light armor
Carpenter's Axe Axe
Boar Spear Spear

Skills[edit | edit source]

Axe Skill.png Axe Strike: An axe strike ignores 50% of the enemy's melee defense.

The unit can equip Axes.

Mace Skill.png Mace Strike: A mace strike stuns the target and lowers his attack and initiative for 30% until the next turn.

The unit can equip Maces.

Spear Skill.png Spear Strike: A unit armed with a spear attacks any enemy unit that moves into a hex beside him. The power of this strike is 100% of the unit's base attack. If the target is a mounted unit, the strike decrease his balance.
LArmor Skill.png The unit can equip Light Armor.
Mob Skill.png Mob: When there are three or more characters with the "mob" bonus, they all gain a boost to their attack by 1 for each such character present.
Marauder Skill.png Marauder: The amount of loot after a battle is lowered by 10%