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Berthold Craige
Berthold Portrait.png
Health caption 65
Attack/Spirit caption 30
Initiative caption 14
Melee Defense caption 5
Ranged Defense caption 5
Willpower caption 0

Berthold is a long-time friend of the Hero and companion during the Prologue. He's the leader of the Craige faction.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Breastplate.png Breastplate Heavy armor
Sword.png Sword Sword
Wooden Heater Shield.png Wooden Heater Shield Shield

Skills[edit | edit source]

Melee Att.png Sword Strike:
Axe Skill.png Axe Strike: An axe strike ignores 50% of the enemy's melee defense.

The unit can equip Axes.

Crowbill Skill.png Crowbill Strike: A crowbill strike lowers the melee defense of the target by 20% with each strike. This effect stacks, and persist until the end of the battle.

The unit can equip Crowbills.

Mace Skill.png Mace Strike: A mace strike stuns the target and lowers his attack and initiative for 30% until the next turn.

The unit can equip Maces.

Lance Melee.png Lance:
HArmor Skill.png Heavy Armor: The unit can equip Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor.
Axe Skill.png Shield: A shield allows a unit to stay in a defensive position while skipping a turn.
Axe Skill.png Defense Stance:
Noble: Characters with the "Mob" bonus in hexes neighboring a noble receive a 10% bonus to melee attack and initiative.