Sorceress Celine

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Sorceress Celine
Location(s): Sorceress Celine's house

Sorcess Celine is one of the NPCs in the game Legends of Eisenwald.

Related missions[edit | edit source]

Name Description Type
Abbot Stephan's beloved girl Celine said that the ghost of the girl tempted by Stephan is still seen by some travelers who pass by the Lucius monastery. She wants to meet Stephan and when she meets the abbot she will find peace and the black necklace will fall from her neck. The girl was buried under the roots of the withered tree .. "Then she went to the tower in the forest behind the top of the hill. She felt so bitter that she followed the sun." The tree was tall and branchy and stood on the hill. It happened a century ago, so even though the tree is still there it has withered. Additional