Cow and Spoon

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"The owner of this tavern build it close to the pier, counting on marines to spend their profits within. It turned out that marines were few and far between, but the tavern-keeper has not suffered much loss, as many peasants from Forest Village and Hawk Village are happy to come here for a mug of beer."

Cow and Spoon
Cow and Spoon.jpg
Type: Taverns

The Cow and Spoon the only tavern present during the Prologue. It provide rumors and, later, mercenaries.

Stories[edit | edit source]

In the tavern there is 4 stories to listen:

  1. Old Lighthouse - About the misterious deaths of the lighthouse keepers.
  2. Ewalt the Wise - Story about a old sage who seems to cheated death. This will unlock a side mission.
  3. Filras - A woman will tell about a beast hidden in the western woods that is hunted down by Red Bestl's men. This is the rumor that give the lead to the main mission "Teach Red Bestl a lesson".
  4. Kuestenkauz-caper - Some info about the Kuestenkauz brothers, the robber barons situated in the Northen bank.

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