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PThe Crossbowman is a Tier 3 Ranged unit usually available as mercenary.

Needs 250 Exp to upgrade in a Veteran Crossbowman.

Crossbowman Portrait.png
Health caption 62
Attack/Spirit caption 26
Initiative caption 18
Melee Defense caption 3
Ranged Defense caption 3
Willpower caption 0

Personal Equipment[edit | edit source]

Leather Helm Light armor
Padded Jacket.png Padded Jacket Light armor
Crossbow Crossbow
Arrows Arrows

Skills[edit | edit source]

XBow Skill.png Crossbow Shot: An axe strike ignores 50% of the enemy's melee defense.

The unit can equip Axes.

Pavise Skill.png Pavise Shield:
Penetrating Shot.png Penetrating Shot:
LArmor Skill.png Light Armor: The unit can equip Light Armor.