Ewalt the Wise (Mission)

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Attention! This mission will not appear in your journal!

This is a side mission during the Prologue scenario.

In order to obtain it you had to listen the Ewalt the Wise story in the Cow and Spoon tavern.

A peasant will tell that the old Ewalt the Wise will thell the future to whoever dares enter his crypt at night.

Beginning[edit | edit source]

First, we have to go to the Old Graveyard and wait the night. Then an encounter will appear:

"Here is the crypt of Ewalt the Wise. They say you have to enter it alone."

Berthold will comment:

Berthold: "I don't really need to know my future. No one should put his nose where God has not allowed us to see... But it's you choice."

Now we can enter or leave. Let's enter.

Voice in the dark: "Kneel, mortal, for you stand in the presence of an ascendant of many mystical and fantastical entities!"
Hero: "What?"
Voice in the dark: "Place all your gold into my tomb or face the consequences!"

Now, whe have to leave all our current gold for a future telling or attempt to attack the voice.

Leave Gold[edit | edit source]

Voice in the dark: "Now hearken to the prophecy of your future! You will be swallowed by the land of shadows where you will be in dirt and scum! Your destiny is sad, and even a dog that died under a wall would be much happier than you. Now leave here and never come back here!"

With this prophecy we have to leave the tomb and receive the achievement:

Turn to Ewalt's wisdom
Bones on the graveyard

Turn to Ewalt's wisdom

Seriously now, reload the game.

Attack Ewalt[edit | edit source]

"You leap foward and grab at the source of the voice. Berthold rushes in, hearing the noise, and wraps his arms around the now-visible old man's scrawny neck."
Voice in the dark: "How dare you, you insignificant mort- ouch!"
Hero: "Keep still, you spineless snail."
Berthold: "I have him secured. He's not going anywhere."
Hero: "You definietly don't look like much of ascendant now."
Beggar: "Please, have mercy! I am merely a beggar... I need food, but people are greedy and don't give much! Sometimes I am so hungry that even dirt seems like sweet bread to me!"
Berthold: "I recognize you! I gave you a coin near Saint Elena's church. But I thought you had only one leg."
Beggar: "Yes, well... Oh, and I sell some small things too. Here is a rabbit's paw, the last one I got... take it, I don't have anything else!"

Well, we might don't know our future, but we got a Rabbit Foot and kept our gold.