Hawk Village

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"The nearby river and forest provide food aplenty for the birds of pray that nest in the local cliffs. Hawks are often visible in the sky above the village, thus the origin of the village's name."

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Hawk Village is a village that appears during the Prologue scenario.

Hawk Village
Hawk Village.png
Type: Villages
Missions: Yes

Is situated right below Castle Seidlitz and above Summer Fair. It's part of Klauslin Seidlitz's possessions.

This village don't offer any service except being part of a quest.

Bands[edit | edit source]

Peasants (Friendly)[edit | edit source]

"Local peasants working pacefully in the fields. They seem happier to sit idle than do their work."

Related missions[edit | edit source]

During "Teach Red Bestl a lesson", the player have to visit the village to obtain an Arabian Horse and a Horse Pike for Berthold.

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