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Hunter Portrait.png
Health caption 54
Attack/Spirit caption 12
Initiative caption 13
Melee Defense caption 1
Ranged Defense caption 1
Willpower caption 0

The Hunter is a recruitable Tier 1 ranged unit.

Can be upgraded in Bowman.

Base Equipment[edit | edit source]

Short Bow Bow
Regular Arrows Arrows
Peasant Hat Light Armor

Skills[edit | edit source]

Bow Skill.png
Bow Shot: A unit armed with a bow performs a double shot if there are no enemies in adjacent hexes. If minimal damage is dealt by any shot, target with shields fully block it.

The unit can equip Bows.

LArmor Skill.png
The unit can equip Light Armor.
Mob Skill.png
Mob: When there are three or more characters with the "mob" bonus, they all gain a boost to their attack by 1 for each such character present.

Strategy Tips[edit | edit source]

Being a Tier 1, the Hunter is fairly weak. Can deal a decent damage against units that share the "Mob" skill (like the Peasant and Fugitive Peasant) or against low tier support units. Units with shield can easily ignore them while Guards can sustain it withouth much problems. The ideal is to upgrade the Hunter quickly and provide him a decent bow, arrows, and some armor.

Missions and Events[edit | edit source]

In the first moment of the Prologue, a Hunter will join your party as companion.