Klauslin Seidlitz

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Klauslin Seidlitz
Seidlitz new.png
Location(s): Seidlitz Castle
Seidlitz Crest.png

Klauslin Seidlitz or Baron Klauslin Seidlitz appear during the Prologue as main ally and mentor. He is the lord of Castle Seidlitz and surrounding villages. He's an old friend of the Hero's father and apparently knows Berthold's father.

He is an energic and upstanding lord, who appears a bit indulgent on his subjects. He reclutantly involve the Hero in his land's problems, but he's eager to give all his support against Red Bestl and Kuestenkauz, two thorns in his side.

He seems to have an old and mysterious argument with lord Lahnstein.

Since he appears only as npc and not as an unit, he's stats are unknow, but if Castle Seidlitz could be attacked, he would appear as a defender.

Related missions[edit | edit source]

In the Prologue, except "Get to Castle Seidlitz", all main missions start from him and, except "Meeting guests" and "Returning to Lahnstein", ends by referring to him.