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"The oldest Kuestenkauz brother. The entire area trembles at the mention of his name. He never passes up an opportunity to bleed dry any merchant or fisherman who passes through his lands. If they choose to resist, they only receive grief."

Kuestenkauz Portrait.png
Health caption 80
Attack/Spirit caption 52
Initiative caption 22
Melee Defense caption 17
Ranged Defense caption 17
Willpower caption 1
Merc Crest 01.png

Kuestenkauz is an antagonist during the Prologue scenario, owner of Castle Kuestenkauz. He is a rogue knight who lives by terrorizing merchants and making deals with bandits to loot the neighbors. He made a deal with Red Bestl to pillage Klauslin Seidlitz's lands and kidnap the Hero.

Things turn against Kuestenkauz when Red Bestl confess to works for him, then the Hero and Berthold decide to put an end of his terrors by assaulting his castle while he's on patrol and he dies attempting to retake it.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Simple Armet.png Simple Armet Heavy armor
Breastplate.png Breastplate Heavy armor
Halberd.png Halberd Halberd
Rafael's Pentacle Amulet
Healing Potion Potion

Skills[edit | edit source]

Sword Strike:
Axe Skill.png Axe Strike: An axe strike ignores 50% of the enemy's melee defense.

The unit can equip Axes.

Crowbill Skill.png Crowbill Strike: A crowbill strike lowers the melee defense of the target by 20% with each strike. This effect stacks, and persist until the end of the battle.

The unit can equip Crowbills.

Mace Skill.png Mace Strike: A mace strike stuns the target and lowers his attack and initiative for 30% until the next turn.

The unit can equip Maces.

Halberd Skill.png Halberd Strike: A halberd strike ignores 70% of an enemy unit's melee defense. If the target is a mounted unit, the strike decreases his balance.

The unit can equip Halberds.

Hammer Strike: Attacking with a two-handed hammer stuns the target, lowering his attack and initiative by 50% until next turn.
Heavy Armor: The unit can equip Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor.
Large Shield: A large shield allows a unit to stay in a defensive position while skipping a turn.
Noble: Characters with the "Mob" bonus in hexes neighboring a noble receive a 10% bonus to melee attack and initiative.
Ramming Attack: If an enemy is istantly killed by the mounted attack from a distance, this character receives an additional action. (Lance is required.)

Troops[edit | edit source]

Loot: Healing Potion, Potion of Spirit, Simple Armet, Rafael's Pentacle, Light Spear, Steel Cuirass, Trophies.

Related missions[edit | edit source]

Kuestenkauz appears only during the mission "The Siege of Castle Kuestenkauz" when the player hid the party in the Fishing Hut, otherwise is always in his castle.