Castle Kuestenkauz

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"This run-down castle on the plane was once a monastery. During one of feudal wars the monastery was looted, and it was captured by a greedy knight and his sons. In a few generations the former abbey was built up with walls and other fortifications. The new inhabitants were named the Coastal Owls, or Kuestenkauz, for their barbarity and rapaciousness."

Castle Kuestenkauz
Castle Kuestenkauz.png
Type: Castles
Missions: Yes
Services: Healing
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Castle Kuestenkauz appears during the Prologue scenario and is lord Kuestenkauz's base of operation.

It dominate the northen bank of the river and is the only castle the player can obtain. It controls the Otto von Kuestenkauz Estate.

Once conquered it offer healing services.

Garrison[edit | edit source]

Castle Kuestenkauz garrison (neutral)[edit | edit source]

Note: The garrison will be neutral until the beign of "The Siege of Castle Kuestenkauz" mission.

Related missions[edit | edit source]

The player will have to conquer it during "The Siege of Castle Kuestenkauz" by waiting until Kuestenkauz go to patrol. Once conquered Kuestenkauz will try to take it back.

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