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The following is a list of main quests in Legends of Eisenwald. These are required to progress the story.

List of Main Quests[edit | edit source]

Name Description
A Lesson in humility Pleban Stenglin from Quellberg has decided to take care of Erich Grauschild's soul. Erich has promised he will calm down if his family sword breaks in two. Stenglin has ordered a fake sword which it will break at the first hit. Your task is to substitute Grauschild's sword with the fragile one. That will be easy to do if you can manage to get him to drink.
Bog End Rebellion Peasants in Bog End rebelled and hanged your tax collector. You have to pacify them as soon as you can.
Buy rod Go to the Summer Fair and buy a decorated rod. Even though it will do for now, keep in mind that armor and other such things are also quite useful.
Buy sword Go to the Summer Fair and buy a Damask Sword. Even though it will do for now, keep in mind that armor and other such things are also quite useful.
Court gossip Using her connection in the landgrave's court, Dorelin can get you the information you need. For this, help Rusina return her youth.
Debt Note A mysterious man you met in an Abandoned Farmstead asks a favour in exchange for information. Bring him debt documents of Engelhart Eckzweit, that he is bound by usurers Stephels. Make a deal with Karl Stephl at the market in Lowlands.
Etherial fabric Bring Rusina a piece of ethereal fabric. It can be obtained by a dagger forged from lunar steel. This fabric disappears at sunlight, therefore you must bring it to Rusina within one night.
Get to Seidlitz Castle Get to Seidlitz Castle - there will be a warm welcome for you.
Give Red Bestl a lesson Klauslin Seidlitz told you to take care of Red Bestl's gang. But before that you need to prepare for battle by hiring more troops and buying more equipment.
Grossenhof's mine Quellberg burgomaster asked you to find out why the production of coal from Grossenhof's mine has ceased.
Gunther Reike's fiancee Anna von Hinzen, a noblewoman from Quellberg, told you that Gunther Reike has seduced her stepdaughter and now he must marry her. As his suzerain, you have to bring him to account.
Heal wounds Go to St. Elena's Church and heal all your troops in your army. Then return to Seidlitz Castle.
Hire a healer Hire a healer in the Forest Village.
Hire a priest Hire an Acolyte at St. Elena Church.
Invitation to a Feast There are a few days left until the masquerade ball but the Baron didn't send you an invitation yet. You should visit him soon in Senkzung.
Kuestenkauz Siege Seidlitz told you to take Kuestenkauz Castle. First you need to hire several mercenaries so you have at least eight soldiers in your army. Mercenaries can be found in a tavern. Then go to the old fisherman village on the north coast and wait until Kuestenkauz leaves the castle with his army. When he is far enough from the castle, siege it.
Meeting guests Meet with the men who arrived at the port.
Merchang guild problems The Quellberg merchant's guild has asked you to get rid of Langard's capers who are robbing the merchants. You have to warn Humboldt first.
Messenger from the prince-elector Recently a messenger came with an important message from the landgrave of West Rothwald. He is staying in one of the taverns. Maybe this person will help you clarify the situation. Find him.
Monastery defence Help to defend the monastery from a mercenary gang coming towards it right now.
Neighbor intrigues It seems your neighbor Liuhart von Zongel wants your land and castle. You should demand response from him.
Olive branch Bring Rusina an olive branch from Saladin's tree. It grows in the inner yard of Berenhaus Castle.
One-Armed Veyt Punish One-Armed Veyt who lives in the tower near Hochzung ruins.
Red Bestl Treasure You learned that Red Bestl hid treasures in the ruins of the watchtower on the north bank.
Returning to Lahnstein It seems your lands are in danger. You have to return home, but first you ought to say farewell to Baron Klauslin Seidlitz.
Road to youth Accompany Dorelin von Kumentz to Celestin Rusina.
Search for the baron Baron Matthias von Doppelzung disappeared and his vassals started a feudal war. Find out what happened to the baron or conquer all four castles on the map. The choice is yours, choose wisely.
Strife Your vassals from the east are at war. You have to find a way to stop it. To begin restoring peace you will need to find each of them and convince them to cease hostilities. They are likely to be found in the vicinity of their castles.
The undead at the monastery graveyard According to Abbot Eber's words, the undead appear at the monastery every night. Defeat them.
Time to gather stones The restoration of the mosaic in the Cathedral of Severinus of Norcum requires a lot of precious stones. Karl who works as a contractor there will reward you if you bring some of the stones. You will need to find one ruby, two pieces of amber, and three garnets.
To take Grauschild's side Erich Grauschild has promised he will take an oath of loyalty, if you establish order on the west bank and defeat at least two of his neighbors and capture their castles.
Treasure Someone named Tehellin the Piercing Eye told you about spots where supposedly great treasures are hidden. Bring Tehellin to each of the spots and make him dig them out. The first treasure is in the middle of the field, near the village of Ribworts. The second treasure is inside a mountain shaft on the eastern bank. The third treasure is under the great boulder near your castle.
Way home Something unusual is happening with your ancestral castle, there is no news and nobody has been seen leaving it. Your family is missing. You have to learn what happened and get into the Castle. Visit the outpost at the castle gates first.