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The following is a list of quests in Legends of Eisenwald.

Name Description Type
Prologue Missions Part 1: These missions are the first that you encounter upon entering the game. n/a
Way Home Missions Part 2: After completing the prologue missions, you go home due to word that your lands are in peril. n/a

List of Missions[edit | edit source]

Name Description Type
Abandoned farmstead The messenger of the landgrave of West Rothwald has some dealing with bandits who occupy the abandoned farmstead on the East Bank. Search for him there.
Bog End Rebellion Peasants in Bog End rebelled and hanged your tax collector. You have to pacify them as soon as you can. Main
Court gossip Using her connection in the landgrave's court, Dorelin can get you the information you need. For this, help Rusina return her youth. Main
Debt Note A mysterious man you met in an Abandoned Farmstead asks a favour in exchange for information. Bring him debt documents of Engelhart Eckzweit, that he is bound by usurers Stephels. Make a deal with Karl Stephl at the market in Lowlands. Main
Etherial fabric Bring Rusina a piece of ethereal fabric. It can be obtained by a dagger forged from lunar steel. This fabric disappears at sunlight, therefore you must bring it to Rusina within one night. Main
Here is your coin (Goat and Cat) Innkeeper from Goat and Cat promised to let you know if he will see again the landgrave's messenger. It makes sense to visit this tavern from time to time. Additional
Here is your coin (Honey Barrel) Innkeeper from Honey Barrel promised to let you know if he will see again the landgrave's messenger. It makes sense to visit this tavern from time to time. Additional
Invitation to a Feast There are a few days left until the masquerade ball but the Baron didn't send you an invitation yet. You should visit him soon in Senkzung. Main
Marauders Defeat marauders from Rauenfluss.
Neighbor intrigues It seems your neighbor Liuhart von Zongel wants your land and castle. You should demand response from him. Main
Night escape The poacher called Charcoal agrees to provide you information about the landgrave's messenger. In exchange he asks help to leave the Barony. Meet him at the top of the hill near Hochzung's ruins - having at most two soldiers with you - and accompany Charcoal to the border.
Olive branch Bring Rusina an olive branch from Saladin's tree. It grows in the inner yard of Berenhaus Castle. Main
One-Armed Veyt Punish One-Armed Veyt who lives in the tower near Hochzung ruins. Main
Road to youth Accompany Dorelin von Kumentz to Celestin Rusina. Main
Search for the baron Baron Matthias von Doppelzung disappeared and his vassals started a feudal war. Find out what happened to the baron or conquer all four castles on the map. The choice is yours, choose wisely. Main
Talking to guard-deserter A fugitive guard from Senkzung was drunk and told you that Baron Matthias von Doppelzung never left his castle. But it's doubtful that this story is true. Additional
Time to gather stones The restoration of the mosaic in the Cathedral of Severinus of Norcum requires a lot of precious stones. Karl who works as a contractor there will reward you if you bring some of the stones. You will need to find one ruby, two pieces of amber, and three garnets. Main
Treasure Someone named Tehellin the Piercing Eye told you about spots where supposedly great treasures are hidden. Bring Tehellin to each of the spots and make him dig them out. The first treasure is in the middle of the field, near the village of Ribworts. The second treasure is inside a mountain shaft on the eastern bank. The third treasure is under the great boulder near your castle. Main
Treasures in basement Quarter century ago during the war with heretics Oviites from Rauenfluss many churches and rich people hid their possessions in the castles of local feudals. At the end of the war not all things returned to their owners. Many were "forgotten." Additional

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