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The Prologue is the first scenario of the main campaign in Legends of Eisenwald. It is a tutorial and introduction to the story, characters and lore.

Out of Golstein Swamps[edit | edit source]

Note: if this is your first play, tutorial screens will pop-up to explain the mechanics, this walktrough will skip them.

Hero: "Castle Seidlitz! There's a warm welcome and mug of excellent beer there, I'm sure."
Berthold: "And hopefully a mug of warm wine. The trek through the Golstein swamps has seeped half a swamp into my boots. Seems that bry land isn't too far away."

Your hero begins somewhere near a swamp with a companion, Berthold. Move a few steps to trigger another dialogue window.

Hero: "Berthold, your fidgeting is unnerving! This is clearly the right road."
Berthold: "You said something similar in the swamps, and we spent hours there."
Hero: "Then of proof is what you require, prehaps my map will satisfy you and your incessant worry. We can always check it to see if we are on the right path."

Move a few more steps and a friendly party will approach the hero.

Hunter (friendly)[edit | edit source]

"A local hunter. He seems to be waiting you."

Once he reaches your party, he'll talk:

Hunter: "Good day to you, travelers! I come from Seidlitz to escort you to the castle. I know these woods well."
Hero: "These lands are not foreign to me, friend. I know the way to Klauslin's Castle."
Hunter: "Oh I don't doubt you do, my lady/lord, but there's been trouble in these woods. We ought to avoid the more notorious parts, if you take my meaning."
Berthold: "Then we'd best be on our guard. Let's be ready, in case we do run into trouble."

Once the dialogue is finished, the Hunter will join the party and the first mission will appear in the Journal.

Note: now the following is a quick guide to the main missions. If you want a more in-depth description, click on the mission's title.

Get to Castle Seidlitz[edit | edit source]

Your party will be confronted by a Bandit that wants to bring you to Red Bestl, defeat them and proceed to Castle Seidlitz.

At Castle Seidlitz, the owner Klauslin Seidlitz will welcome you. Informed about the meeting with Red Bestl's men he will ask a favour, but not before giving 1000 gold coin and sending your party to St. Elena's Church for healing.

Heal wounds[edit | edit source]

Backtrack to St. Elena's Church to heal the party members in exchange of coins.

Once done, return to Castle Seidlitz to learn how to deal with Red Bestl.

Teach Red Bestl a lesson[edit | edit source]

At the castle, Klauslin will ask you to hire the Soldier in his castle and before exiting he will give various tasks to prepare your party for the confrontation: hire a priest, a healer, buy some equipment and retrieve a horse for Berthold.

Once all preparations are done, the party will move to the Cow and Spoon tavern to hear any rumor that may lead to Red Bestl's hideout.

Listen to the story of Filras to learn about the location of Red Bestl, and the story about Ewalt the Wise for a side mission.

A discussion with a Rogue will appear: for 50 coins the rogue will provide information about Red Bestl's treasure.

Red Bestl's party is located to the Southwest of the tavern. Defeat him to discover he's under the orders of the robber baron, Kuestenkauz. Return to Castle Seidlitz to report.

The Siege of Castle Kuestenkauz[edit | edit source]

Time to deal with Kuestenkauz. Klauslin will give you more money to hire mercenaries at the tavern, after that, hide the party in the Fishing Hut in front of Castle Kuestenkauz and wait for the knight to go on patrol, then assault the castle.

Use the newly acquired castle to heal and upgrade the party and wait for the return of Kuestenkauz. He will attempt to reconquer his castle. Defeat Kuestenkauz and report to Klauslin.

Meeting guests[edit | edit source]

Klauslin and Berthold will talk in private until the Hero interrupts with the news of a ship that has arrived at the pier. Klauslin will ask to check out the people who disembark.

At the meeting, the leader becomes hostile. Defeat the party to find a letter requesting the Hero back to his/her homeland.

Returning to Lahnstein[edit | edit source]

Return to Seidlitz to receive a package, then head to Hans Pier to leave Golstein, finish this scenario and begin the next scenario: Way Home

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