Red Bestl

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Red Bestl
Red Bestl Portrait.png
Health caption 60
Attack/Spirit caption 16
Initiative caption 18
Melee Defense caption 3
Ranged Defense caption 3
Willpower caption 0

Red Bestl is an antagonist during the Prologue scenario. He's a bandit and poacher who scare the peasants from his hideout by circulating stories about a man-eater beast know as the Filras.

First he attempt to kidnap the Hero and Berthold by sending some of his men. Then when confronted and defeated by the hero he claims he under the orders of robber baron Kuestenkauz.

He's fate is unknow, but probably in prison in Castle Seidlitz.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Leather Helm Light armor
Leather Brigandine.png Leather Brigandine Light armor (lootable)
Recurve Bow.png Recurve Bow Bow (lootable)
Arrows Arrows
Charmed Ring Ring

Skills[edit | edit source]

Bow Skill.png Bow Shot: A unit armed with a bow performs a double shot if there are no enemies in adjacent hexes. If minimal damage is dealt by any shot, target with shields fully block it.

The unit can equip Bows.

LArmor Skill.png Light Armor: The unit can equip Light Armor.
Mob Skill.png Mob: When there are three or more characters with the "mob" bonus, they all gain a boost to their attack by 1 for each such character present.
Ambusher Skill.png Ambusher: In swamps and forests, characters with this bonus receive +50% to their attack and initiative during the first round.

Related missions[edit | edit source]

He phisically appears in the last part of the mission "Give Red Bestl a lesson" where he must be defeated.

He's involved, but not phisically present, during the "Red Bestl Treasure" side mission.