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"Castle Seidlitz towers on the bluff which stands above the picturesque curve of the river. Beyond its towers the land stretches far into the distance. In clean weather it is even possible to see distant ships coming towards these lands on the North Sea."

Seidlitz Crest.png

Seidlitz Castle is one of the main locations in the Prologue scenario and work as first base and mission hub.

It is the residence of Baron Klauslin Seidlitz.

Castle Seidlitz
Castle Seidlitz.png
Type: Castles
Missions: Yes
Services: Hiring

It own Hawk Village, Forest Village and Hans Pier.

Hiring[edit | edit source]

Garrison[edit | edit source]

However, the castle cannot be sieged.

Related missions[edit | edit source]

In Prologue almost all missions begin and end there:

  1. "Get to Castle Seidlitz" require the player to reach the castle.
  2. Here the player receive the "Heal wounds" mission and there it must return.
  3. "Teach Red Bestl a lesson" begin there. The player set off to prepare to hunt Red Bestl, once defeated return to the Castle to report the success.
  4. "The Siege of Castle Kuestenkauz" begin there. The player have to siege Castle Kuestenkauz and defeat Kuestenkauz himself, then report the success.
  5. "Meeting guests" begin and end there. The player have to meet the strangers came from the dock.
  6. "Returning to Lahnstein" begin there. The player must reach the dock and set to Lahnstein.

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