St. Elena Church

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"Saint Elena's church has been built by the former owner of Castle Seidlitz. People say that the old baron loved his mother greatly and grieved much when she died. In memory of her, he built this church which was dedicated to her and Saint Helena - the mother of the first Christian emperor."

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St. Elena Church
Elena Church.png
Type: Churches
Missions: Yes
Services: Healing

The St. Elena Church is one of the locations that appears in Prologue.

It's surrounded by woods and the only access is from South, from the road that connect Summer Fair and Forest Village.

The church is the only friendly place in the map where the player can heal his/her party. The other is Castle Kuestenkauz but must be conquered first.

Hiring[edit | edit source]

Acolyte x1

Related missions[edit | edit source]

The player have to visit the church two times.

  1. During "Heal wounds", after reaching Castle Seidlitz, Klauslin will ask the player to go there to heal his/her party.
  2. During "Teach Red Bestl a lesson", when the player have to return there to hire a priest.

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