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As soon we disembark from the ship a traveller will meet us:

Traveler (friendly)[edit | edit source]

"A lone traveler without many things is leaving Lahnstein."

Traveler: "<name> vol Lahnstein! Thank God! We had no word of your arrival. We did not think to see you alive."
Hero: "Didn't hope to see me alive? What do you mean? Tell me quickly, what has happened here?"
Traveler: "Of course, Lord/Lady Lahnstein, but I am afraid you won't like it. It began soon after Saint Jacob's Day - a fortnight ago. From that very day, anyone who has dared to enter your fortress hasn't returned. And nothing has been heard from those inside. None of your family members have been seen, either."
Traveler: "Many still held out for your eventual return, but even some of your most faithful vassals decided that there was no authority over them, and the law start breaking down. LOrds remembered old conflicts and grudges that were never settled. We've seen battle after battle scourge the land. More than ten battle have been waged, and, though it pains me to say so, your vassals have suffered greatly."
Traveler: "Moreover, there are strange folk of evil countenance about. They are said to be ducal servants or Bavarian mercenary rebels hired by the landgrave of West Rothwald. Ill deeds await those upon the roads for peasant and merchants alike."
Hero: "Grim news indeed. But I swear I will avert this chaos from my lands. I will live up to the Lahnstein name. What else can you tell me?"
Traveler: "It would be wise, Lord/Lady Lahnstein, to ask at the outpost that stands before your castle gates. I do believe someone is waiting for you there. Now O must depart, for these storm-coluds are not for my shoulders to bear. God be with you."
Berthold: "Damn it, damn it, and damn it a third time. I knew we shouldn't have left Lahnstein! <name>, if only we had been here when it had begun! Curses. I must hurry on to my own estates, for with such ill winds on the horizon, who knows what devilry has been happening? I will await you on the east bank."
Berthold: "And take my advice: gather an army at once. You are going to have a tough time without a strong squad of faithful warriors guarding your lands. Once you have an army, you should check to see if nearby villages are submitting to your lordship. You can get something from them, perhaps not a lot but still useful."
Berthold: "Meanwhile, I will try to figure out what happened here while we were away. I will wait for you on the east bank!"

Berthold will leave us (and leaving all his items, thankfully) and now we are alone with 600 coins, roaming bandits, no estates, and no idea what to do. Meanwhile we have two missions.

The mission Way Home can be ignored for now, we first need to follow Berthold's advice: gathering troops.

First stop should be at The Goose and Fox, listen all the stories (especially the Feline Mirror) and keep going to Wide Bank avoiding roaming enemies. Hire a couple of units and now is time to start.

We can now deal with some of those roaming bandits bands for loot and experience while also dealing with some missions.

Monastery defence[edit | edit source]

The monastery is under attack by some marauders and need help. Is an easy mission, good to gather some exp.

Description[edit | edit source]

Something unusual is happening with your ancestral castle, there is no news and nobody has been seen leaving it. Your family is missing. You have to learn what happened and get into the Castle. Visit the outpost at the castle gates first.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

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